Album: Miscreants of Bloodlusting Aberrations (2013)

Song: Atrocity Exhibit

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Pathogen was formed in the early days of January 2001, at the apocalyptic city of San
Pablo, Philippines by Willie Desamero (Guitar/Vocals) with the idea of forming a death
metal band which will play with the stylistic elements of the classic death metal bands from
the late 80's and early 90's and will be combined by their various extreme metal influences
of thrash, grind, black and doom to forge their own signature death metal sound. Willie
then recruited band members, Alex Alfonso (Bass Guitar), and Allan Hernandez (Drums)
and the first series of rehearsals and live gigs were initiated around their hometown. A
second guitar player, Erwin Javier, was added three months later and the band worked on
their first demo tape, "Invoking Disease" which was released in July 2001. It was a 3 song
demo filled with simplistic guitar riffs and arrangements, highly influenced by early
Tiamat and Celtic Frost. The band, then promoted the demo through the underground
tape trading network. Although only about 40-50 copies of the tape were spread out,
Pathogen was asked to participate in several compilation releases such as the Metal
Havoc 'zine compilation tape and Maelstrom 666 Compilation CD-r in Thailand, among
others. After a period of inactivity in late 2001 to mid 2002, due to unstable line-up, the
band finally recruited bassist Erikk Calabia and drummer Vic Jarlego and started
working on songs for their next release, the infamous 'Into The Subconscious Void' demo,
recorded and released in 2004, bolstering a much more stronger songwriting and
musicianship. This demo CD-r was heavily circulated in the underground demo trading
network which garnered them much acclaim by fans and fanzines alike. The demo was
even re-released by Nihilistic Music Productions, Brazil on tape in 2005 and once again on
CD-r with bonus live tracks by Canada's Skull Fucking Metal Records in 2006 furthering
Pathogen's death metal plague onslaught. Plans of recording the first full-length album
went underway in early 2007. New bassist Nino Aranza was also inducted into the ranks in
June 2007 and by September the same year the recording of their first album,
"Blasphemous Communion" was finished. Originally released in a D.I.Y. CD-r format in
October 2007 and was spread out like a vicious chemical fog to the unsuspecting
underground scene, resulting in wide acclaim and was released on several formats worldwide
and ultimately committed to unholy vinyl LP by Iron Bonehead Productions,
Germany in 2009 despite being viciously raw and under-produced this release made a
tremendous mark in the world wide underground metal scene that will never be erased.
A split release with Philippine death metal legends, Brimstone In Fire was initiated in 2008
entitled "All Flesh Fades" and was issued on pro-CD by Brute Productions, Thailand, the
same year. For Pathogen, this was a dream come true, because Brimstone In Fire was one
of the local bands that Pathogen puts in very high regard for their incredible musicianship
and mind-bending songwriting that is totally ground-breaking and innovative.
Much of 2009 was spent creating and rehearsing songs for the second Pathogen
album, 'Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Aberrations' which was then recorded on September-
October of 2009. A release that saw Pathogen having a more mature and powerful
song-writing and combining a rather diverse metallic influences without sacrificing the
bands' ferocious aggression and musical dexterity. Several record deals we're negotiated
with various labels but none of them pushed through, with the exception of Satanized
Productions, France which released the now sold-out cassette edition.The band continued
on releasing 'Miscreants.' on their own D.I.Y. format, a solid testament to Pathogen's
affinity with D.I.Y. underground ethics and traditions and being true to their roots.Finally
in 2012, Germany's Dunkelheit Produktionen deemed 'Miscreants Of Bloodlusting
Aberrations' worthy of having a proper release, and a deal to release it on pro-CD and
unholy vinyl LP was struck and is scheduled to be released in early 2013 at the latest. 2010
to 2012 has proven to be busy years for Pathogen in terms of creativity and releases. With
each successive year composing and releasing a seemingly endless stream of new materials,
including their third album, 'Forged In The Crucible Of Death' (2010) which sees the band
adding early influences from their early demo years such as Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, and
Onslaught among their more recent sound. This album would be released on CD version in
2012 by Old Temple records, Poland featuring an incredible cover artwork drawn by the
infamous Joel 'Necronos' Santiago of Nigrapokalipsis Fanzine.
In early 2011 the band released a collection of demos for their 10th year anniversary
entitled, "Barbaric Desolation" which was released on limited edition cassette tape by
Dethrone Records. Also on World Metal Day, November 11, 2011, Pathogen unleashes the
infamous 'Lust Of Evil' EP on high quality professional cassette tape through Afterlife
Productions, Malaysia this release featured four previously unreleased studio tracks and a
cover of 'Rites Of The Tyrant' originally by Malaysian death metal megaliths, Brain Dead.
A vinyl 7-inch version of 'Lust Of Evil' is also in the works which will feature alternate
remixes of two songs on the tape plus a cover of 'Another Destructive Century' from
80's Philippine anarcho-punk/crust luminaries, Intoxication Of Violence. This should be
released sometime in 2012 by Slap Bet Records, Singapore. Another Pathogen cassette EP
is slated for July/August, 2012 release by Canadian label, The Northern Cold Productions
entitled 'Gryphon' will also feature 4 previously unreleased studio tracks and 4 previously
unreleased live tracks on limited edition professional tape. The band experienced another
line-up change with the exit of long-time guitarist Erwin Javier leaving the band due to
personal reasons and being replaced by Jervish Alcos of Rabies. A split release with the
Canadian black metal, Black Pestilence on 7-inch vinyl is also planned for 2013. The band
is currently writing new musical atrocities for their fourth album which is scheduled to be
recorded in mid-2013.
Invoking Desease
Self Release, MC, 2001
Into the subconcious Void
Self Release, MC, 2004
Decinate, Exterminate, Obliterate
Self Release, MC, 2005
Blasphemous Communion
Carnal Sadist Productions, MC, 2007
Dead Center Productions, CD, 2007
Iron Bonehead, LP, 2007
Nefarious Metal Aggressors (Split w. Incisor & Sacrosanct)
Anura Records, CD, 2009
All Flesh Fades (Split w. Brimston in Fire)
Brute Productions, CD, 2008
Miscreants of Bloodlusting Aberrations
Satanized Productions, MC, 2010
Dunkelheit Produktionen, CD/LP, 2013
Forged in the Crucible of Death
Old Temple Records, CD, 2011
Barbaric Desolation
Dethrone Records, MC, 2011
Lust of Evil
Afterlife Productions, MC, 2011
The Northern Cold Productions, MC, 2012